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National Building Inspectorate

Duties of the National Buildings Inspectorate Department are:

  • A comprehensive audit of all buildings including those under construction be conducted throughout the country.
  • Profiling of buildings that do not meet the standards for construction and those built without the necessary approvals on account of lack of title deeds.
  • Immediate demolition of all buildings and structures that do not meet established standards for habitation.
  • Regularization of buildings that meet construction standards but do not have the necessary approvals
  • Assess buildings and structures to determine their suitability for habitation or removal through a multi sectoral approach.
  • The arrest and prosecution of imposters masquerading as Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development officials.
  • Engage stakeholders including professional bodies and academic institutions to work hand in hand with the Ministry on this task and come up with a report to be submitted to his office within three (3) months.