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Management and Supervision


    Management and Supervision


    a. The Department is responsible for supervision and management of mechanical works during the implementation stage. 

    In summary, the department partakes the following sub activities; 

    Ø  Supervision of construction works and Site hand over 

    Ø  Recording of site meeting minutes 

    Ø  Valuation of work done and preparation of interim payment certificates 

    Ø  Handover of works 

    Ø  Preparation of final account



    a.     The various types of maintenance schemes carried out includes; 

            i.            Planned Preventive Maintenance 

          ii.            Emergency Services Maintenance 

        iii.            Minor Maintenance 


    b.     Upon identification of each item of plant/equipment to be maintained, the operating principles and the safety precautions is followed when undertaking a maintenance task.