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Kenya Building Research Centre


To undertake and/or facilitate Research, Development and Dissemination of information on low cost building/construction materials and technologies for socio-economic development in Kenya.

To attain its mandate, the Centre: –

  • Undertakes research on cost effective building materials as well as new building materials and technologies.
  • Collect, document and classify all available information on building materials and elements.
  • Initiate and coordinate research and standardization in the building industry in the country
  • Operate the technical library complete with an online resource section through a technical e-library to be established.

Strategic objectives

  • To carry out research that aim to inform and enhance quality, cost effective, efficient and sustainable building materials, processes and technologies.
  • To formulate building research policy in order to provide new knowledge and innovations in building industry.
  • To create collaborations and partnerships with persons and institutions that undertakes building research in order to foster new knowledge and affordable housing innovations.
  • To establish countrywide field stations for coordination of research, collection and dissemination of valid and reliable information on building materials processes and technologies.
  • To coordinate and promote green building principals in the building and construction industry.
  • To establish information management and dissemination systems necessary to benefit general public in the construction of affordable housing.
  • To provide adequate resources for development of building material research in the country.
  • To develop Kenya Building Research Institute.