The following are functions of various State Department.

State Department For Transport

  • Transport policy management
  • Maritime transport management
  • Rail transport and infrastructure management
  • Civil Aviation Management and Training
  • Oversight and Coordination of Lamu South Sudan Ethiop Transit Corridor (LAPSSET) Programme Implementation Programme
  • Registration & Insurance of Motor Vehicles
  • National Road Safety Management
  • Motor Vehicles Inspection
  • National Transport Safety
  • National roads development policy management
  • Mechanical and transport services
  • Enforcement of Axle load control

State Department For Infrastructure

  • National roads development policy
  • Development, standardization and maintenance of roads
  • Mechanical and transport services
  • Enforcement of axle load control
  • Materials testing and advice on usage
  • Maintenance of security roads
  • Protection of road reserves
  • Registration of Engineers
  • Registration of road contractors
  • Development and maintenance of Air Strips

State Department For Housing and Urban Development

  • Housing policy management
  • Development and management of affordable housing
  • Management of building and construction standards and codes
  • National secretariat for hguman settlement
  • Management of civil servants housing scheme
  • Development and management of government housing
  • Shelter and slum upgrading
  • Building research services
  • Registration of contractors and materials suppliers building research services
  • Registration of civil, building and electro-mechanic contractors
  • Registration of architects and quantity surveyors
  • Urban planning and development

State Department For Maritime and Shipping Affairs

  • Promotion of maritime and shipping industry
  • ship registration in kenya
  • Human Resource Development, Management and Research in support of Kenya's Shipping Industry
  • Marine cargo insurance
  • Establishment of effective admiralty jurisdiction
  • Development of a central data and information center

State Department For Public Works

  • Public works policy and planning
  • Public office accommodation lease and management
  • Maintenance of inventory of government property in liaison with the national treasury
  • Overseeing provision of mechanical and electrical(Building) services to public buildings
  • Supplies branch and coordination of procurement of common user items by government ministries
  • Development and management of government buildings
  • Other public works

The following Institutions fall under the Ministry.

State Department For Transport

  • Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC (Amendment) Act, 2005)
  • Kenya Railways Training School (KRC (Amendment) Act, 2005)
  • Kenya Ports Authority (KPA Act)
  • Kenya Airports Authority (KAA Act, 1991)
  • East African School of Aviation (KCAA Amendment) ACT,2002)
  • Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA (Amendment) ACT,2002)
  • Transport Licensing Board
  • Transport Licensing Appeals Board
  • National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA)
  • Kenya Ferry Services
  • LAPSSET Authority(Kenya Gazette Notice 51, No. 58 of 2013)
  • Kenya Maritime Authority

State Department For Infrastructure

  • Kenya Institute of Technology
  • Kenya Roads Board, (Kenya Roads Board Act, 1999 & 2007)
  • Kenya National Highways Authority,(Kenya Roads Act, 2007)
  • Kenya Urban Roads Authority, (Kenya Roads Act, 2007)
  • Kenya Rural Roads Authority
  • Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology
  • Engineers Registration Board of Kenya

State Department For Housing And Urban Development

  • National Construction Authority
  • National Housing Corporation
  • Kenya Building Research Center
  • Rent Restriction Tribunal

State Department For Maritime And Shipping Affairs

  • Bandari College
  • The Kenya National Shipping Line
  • The Merchant Shipping Act, Cap.389




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